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Looky what we have here! asked Can a woman who doesn't have a regular period still ovulate on a normal schedule?

My hubby and I are getting ready to try to have a baby, and I don't have a regular period schedule. But I still cramp on the same times each month, but I might be lucky to have a period once a year. Birth control pills have helped to regulate the period, but I'm worried that I won't be able to conceive. Thanks for your help!

And got the following answer:

Assuming that you have both had everything checked out and are both fertile, these are my favorite tips and things that worked for me: 1. Start taking your temperature every morning BEFORE getting out of bed. Write it down and the day you are about 2 degrees over your normal, you are probably ovulating if not otherwise ill. That is the day you want to try to conceive. Sperm can live in your body for up to 7 days, but try again in 3 days. Only have intercourse every three days to give his sperm a chance to multiply in numbers and be new. 2. When you have intercourse, do it in the missionary position, have him withdraw fairly quickly after orgasm. Don't get up, put a pillow under your back side, and stay still for 30 minutes with your legs elevated. This gives gravity a chance to help the sperm get into your cervix and seek out that egg. I did both of these and was preggo instantly. Hope this helps.

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