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I Have The Answer asked At what temperature should an air conditioner be turned on?

And got the following answer:

There is no exact answer to this question. An air conditioner is used to reduce the temperature AND humidity of room air for personal comfort. When I lived in East Texas, most people used air conditioners often to expel the crushing humidity. When I lived in the Central Valley of California, people rarely used A.C. even with the same temperatures, since the humidity was typically less than half that of Dallas. In Chinese traditional understanding of life, all people have some combination of yin (阴) and yang (阳). Yin means dark, cool, or calm. Yang means light, warm or active. For women, the yin is usually stronger, so they feel cool often. For men, the yang is often stronger. If you put ten men in a room, they will want to turn on the air conditioner when the temperature reaches 24C / 75 F or higher. A group of ten women may be comfortable at the same temperature, and only want to turn on the A.C. when the temp is 27C / 81F or higher. This is a generalization, as some woman are more yang and some men are more yin. Chinese also believe that food has yin and yang properties. They eat duck in summer to be cool and mutton / lamb in winter to be warm. Besides the physical aspect, cultural or economic considerations have an effect on temperature tolerance. If a building is well-insulated and the cost of electricity is low, the range of tolerance shrinks. Here in China, most people live in uninsulated (NOT poorly insulated, but entirely without insulation of any type) buildings made in the monolithic style of poured concrete. The building is one unit of mass, not separate insulated spaces. If you want to heat or cool your room, you must change the temperature of the entire building mass. This results in no one using heaters or A.C. until they are in agony. Even if you visit a family at their apartment, you won't take off your coat in winter, since the whole family are wearing coats, the room is 7C / 45F, and their breaths make clouds of vapor. In summer, everyone wears pajamas or boxers all day indoors (and in Shanghai, even outdoors!) to bear the heat. U.S. President Jimmy Carter tried to get Americans to accept a wider range of home air temperatures and even set an example by adjusting the heat / A.C. controls in the White House and appearing on T.V. wearing a sweater indoors in winter. He thought we should try to use less fossil fuel with a vision of energy independence. That idea is slowly coming back, but those who believe global warming is a myth might not care for it.

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