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Mr. S asked How can I make the LED strip work?

I have these led light strips that i want to use to light up my bar. However they are powered for DC input. I dont really want to spend any money on anything fancy, but can i splice and hard wire the light strips to a usb cord thats powered from a wall converter? (AC - usb) Will that be enought to power the 12V required LED Strip? Any other possible ways to do this? Please help?

And got the following answer:

If you don't have too many LED strips, use a 9V or 12V wall-wart. Make certain its output is DC (a few are AC). They are plentiful in many thrift stores. I've seen prices between 25 cents and $3 on them. Connecting it the wrong way won't hurt the LEDs -- either they will work or they won't; if they don't, reverse the polarity.

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