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I have two car battery chargers I want to use as a power supply in an electrolytic cell. Is there any way I can hook both up in series to double the current and voltage? Thanks in advance.

And got the following answer:

You haven't said quite what you have in mind, but the chargers are not the power supply, the AC mains are the power supply. The chargers simply transform their power source from 110/220VAC to nominal 12VDC. If your apparatus requires high power from a 12VDC source, you probably want the chargers in parallel, charging a car battery. If these chargers are appropriately designed, and are rated at 12VDC at 20A, you can connect them in series to produce 24VDC at 20A, or connect them in parallel to produce 12VDC at 40A. But if you plug them both into a single 110V 15A circuit, you'll trip the circuit breaker in either case.

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