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Andrea asked How to run an ice cream freezer on a boat?

We are thinking of a new business to run on a lake. We would like to start up an ice cream boat business. We are currently brainstorming on how we would power a chest ice cream freezer on the pontoon boat. What kind of options would we have? My husband thinks it would be pretty cool to run it off water power. We could construct a waterwheel with an alternator and an inverter to run the sound system and power the chest freezer when we are driving the boat around. When we stop the batteries for the sound system would take over and the chest freezer would be fine for a while without power. Any ideas?

And got the following answer:

Use dry ice (solid CO2) is the best way. No electric power is needed. Or install a huge rechargeable storage 12V battery bank. Then convert it into 120V AC with a high power 3000W inverter unit. Use its power to support any 120V cooler.

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