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PRCS asked Can somebody help me diagnose my Dodge Intrepid heating problem?

I have changed the water pump and thermostat.i have changed the Coolant Temperature Control Switch but the problem is still there.The car has no air compressor though.Do you think this might be the problem?It doesn't seem like it leaks coolant or that the cylinder head gasket is faulty,but I don't know why it does that.Can somebody please help me.This is a 1997 Dodge Intrepid 3.5liter automatic. It overheats when driving.It can be driven to up to 7 or 8 miles but then overheats.

And got the following answer:

that sounds more like you need to flush the cooling system out on it than anything else,if it takes it that long to heat up id flush the engine cooling system out including the radiator and see if that helped it any,it usually will help any of them that are overheating,you done changed all the obvious things that would cause it,that's about all that's left to do other than run a pressure check on the cooling system,good luck.

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