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Rob asked What amplifier would you use to power subwoofers in a club?

I know that a DC powered amp that goes in a car has a Low pass filter but of all the AC powered amps like the ones Professional DJ use i have never seen one with a low pass filter do they have them and if so how can you tell if one has lp filter when shopping online? if they don't have them what do you use to power subwoofers with AC power other than converting ac to dc?

And got the following answer:

Rob - You really don't need a low pass filter on the amp because most pro subs have a low pass filter built in. Many pro amps do have a low pass filter if you feel you need it. The best way to set up a subwoofer system is to use an "active crossover". The mixer feeds the active crossover and the output of the crossover goes to the sub's amp. With an active crossover, you have a lot more control over the sound of the sub. You can control the crossover frequency and the sub level - that is very handy when you are trying to get the best sound. Definitely get a pro amp that runs on AC power: If you need more specific help, click on "Daniel K" and send me a message.

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