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bluedevilatvracer asked How can I drill through a block foundation with bricks around it?

My home is vinyl with a brick foundation. The brick, of course, has a layer of cinder blocks behind it. I need to drill through it to run some cords for outdoor lighting. I've got a standard wired drill, but with no masonry bits long enough to make it through. I need help.

And got the following answer:

With a normal drill and masonry bit you will never get thru the wall. With a hammer drill this can be accomplished but will still be very difficult because of the diameter you need and the depth. Renting a commercial drill with a bit is an option. If I needed a hole drilled I would call around and get a couple of bids. Sometimes companies will do odd jobs. If they are slow and need to keep their employees busy, they will take odd jobs to cover operating cost even thought they are not making any money. For example I had Root Rooter (plumbing company) come to my house and put in a back flow preventer. An odd job done right for about 100 bucks. Call around and see if you can get it done cheap.

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