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JFalcon asked What definitive set of power tools should a person purchase for the purpose of home upgrades and repairs?

As a fairly new homeowner, I'm finding lots of little things that need to be done. Minor repairs to the garage door, minor soffit and fascia damage, repairing doors and drywall, etc. I like to have the best tool for the job, but when it comes to cutting or finishing, there are several tools more adapted for a particular job. If one were to have the perfect "toolbox" (or perhaps toy box) with practical (not highly specialized) tools, what should it contain? Well, I did specify power tools, but I suppose that mentioning other tools is fine as well. I already have a hammer, measuring tape, cordless drill and a fairly complete socket wrench set. What's interesting is that 'drill' was mentioned more than once; aside from drilling holes, I assume that others use theirs for planting screws? I will definitely need to cut wood, but don't know if I necessarily need a table saw. I did like the suggestion of a reciprocating saw. For those who are suggesting tools, could you please also note what types of modifications and/or repairs for which they are most useful? Many thanks!

And got the following answer:

Since you already have a cordless drill, I'd suggest (more or less in this order): A handheld circular saw (sometimes called a Skil saw, but Dewalt and Porter-Cable make better basic ones than Skil). A reciprocating saw is good for demolition and rough work, but not for precise, clean cuts--I'd get that only when you have a job for it. But do get a hand held jig saw (sabre saw)--Bosch, Porter-Cable and DeWalt make good ones. A compound miter saw is nice if you are doing any trim at all--DeWalt's 12" model is a real workhorse, right around $300, but a 10" saw can be had for much less. I also have a spiral saw that I use for drywall cutouts, a router that I constantly find new uses for, a random orbit sander that I can't live without, and a 4" belt sander I've used on every remodel job I've had since I bought it. Mine are all Porter-Cable. If you can afford it, a small air compressor with 18 gauge and 15 gauge finish nail guns is great--if you can only have one finish nailer, I'd say 16 g. The compressor can also be used with a paint sprayer, tire inflater, air hammer, etc.

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