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darrenoid asked What is the maximum size power inverter I can safely use in a freightliner century truck?

I don't wish to have any fire in my truck. I currently use a single 175 watt inverter to run my tv/dvd combo. Can I install another to run a small cooler without causing any fires?

And got the following answer:

First off may I suggest a fire/smoke detector. Of all the trucking articles I have read that preach about safety. I have never herd one talk about putting in a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. I to had concerns about a fire one night in my sleeper thinking about idling and all the electrical stuff running, needless to say that was not quality sleeper time. so the next day I got a carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector at walmart I only spent 15-20 bucks small price for peace of mind. Now to the inverter question. I have tow inverters a 300 watt and 400 watt. I run them as I need them and I have a back up, if one goes out, My understanding is a Big 1500 watt will suck your battery's dry and you will have to ideal all the time. I hope that helps but as with everything els in trucking everybody has an opinion. Safe trucking and get your self some smoke and carbon monoxide detector and may be pass on the word.

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