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Bike Gamer asked Can a grid tie inverter work along side another?

Currently I have a Xantrex battery powered inverter installed in my house to supply electricity during blackouts. Would it be safe to install a grid tie inverter in one of the outlets in the house? During a blackout, the Xantrex switches automatically to battery power, but what would happen with the extra power coming in from the grid tie inverter? Note: During a Blackout the transfer switch on the Xantrex comes on automatically, cutting off the grid and placing 8, 6-volt lead acid batteries online.

And got the following answer:

The real danger is to utility service people working to restore power. If you feed power into your house electrical panel without a positive cut-out between house and powerline, that current can feed backwards through the power transformer on the pole and kill a worker who expects the line to be dead. Power in the lines that feed transformers in neighbourhoods is at 14,400 volts. The trransformer cuts it to 220 volts. My guess is if you feed 110 volts back through, you could be putting 7200 volts into one of the power lines. In our region at least, it is highly illegal to connect a building's power panel to auxiliary power without first going through a cut-out switch. The reason I know this is that I had a standby power plant installed and I had to also purchase the transfer switch.

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