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crissy asked Whats the difference between a cordless drill and a cordless hammer drill?

I want to buy my husband a cordless drill. Ive been looking at the Dewalt brand and they have a cordless drill and a cordless hammer drill. Well I found out he wants to switch to Milwaukee and ive been looking around and all I see for that brand is a hammer drill. So whats the difference? My husband farms so I would never know for sure what he would be using it for. I know he always wants the "best" he firmly belives that you get what you pay for and the more you pay the better your getting. But the one he has now is not a hammer drill and i dont recall him ever saying that he wishes he had a hammer drill.....

And got the following answer:

The hammer drill gives the drill bit a pulsing vibration as the drill bit is pushed against what you are drilling. This kind of drill is only used when drilling into concrete and only uses special bits made specifically for hammer drills. If he didn't specifically ask for a hammer drill I would just get him a cordless drill. As far as Dewalt vs Milwaukee, the Dewalt is a better bang for your buck as the Milwaukee is expensive. If he is just using it around the house there is no need to spend the money for the more expensive drill. Hope this help and good luck.

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