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apod00 asked Is it true that flourescent light bulbs get hot enough to trip heat sensors in new electrical construction ?

I have recently had new construction in my house, including new can lights in my living room, and from time to time one or two lights just turn off, after consulting with my contractor about this, he tells me the florecent bulbs are tripping the heat sensors in the housing. I found this hard to believe, and I'm not sure what to do next.

And got the following answer:

What type of trim is on the can? The CFL could be to big for the can and trim combo. Also inside the can are adjustments to raise and lower the socket, try lowering it alittle and see if that helps out. All new recess cans have a termial cut out on top of them to keep them from getting to hot. Last thing to check and see if the cans are IC type cans. IC cans are they only ones that are allowed to have insulation blow on top of them.

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