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Drew asked What is the best cordless drill to buy for the money?

I'm just starting out in the carpentry trade and before now have never bought a power tool before. What is the best drill for the price and what do you look for when buying one? I.e volts, battery types Thanks, Drew

And got the following answer:

Been happy with my 12v NiCd DeWalt for over a decade, so I'd be fine upgrading within the same brand when I next need to, and I'd probably go for 18v. Keep in mind that more voltage correlates with not only more power but also with more weight. Although I like DeWalt, the Bosch 37618-01 might qualify as better value for the money actually. Batteries: I prefer Li-Ion in general because I like to put my spare on the charger without worrying how much charge it might have. NiCd's have that memory effect where you're only supposed to charge it after it's fully discharged. Li-Ion batteries also are lighter, which offsets some of the added weight of a 18v drill. You can explore factors such as cordless drill Type, Cost, Weight, Battery Type/Voltage/Current, Speed Ranges, Clutch Settings, etc to help decide between Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, and Milwaukee cordless drills here:

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