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rnedavis1 asked Programmable Thermostat question?

I just installed a new Honeywell RTH230B programmable thermostat, getting rid of my old manual one. Thing is that there is no question that my furnace comes on more, and stays running for less time than with the old thermostat. Two questions, is this normal, and in the end will it burn more fuel not less? Any help would be appreciated. By the way I have a forced air oil furnace.

And got the following answer:

I have read the installation and user guide: and I would guess that, because you have finer control over temperature versus time, the controller is trying to hold to a narrow temperature range and this is causing short cycling of the boiler. This tends to make your boiler less efficient, as it does not reach a steady temperature. Maybe you need to experiment a little with the settings, as the controller is reacting to changes that your old thermostat would not have detected. Old type manual thermostats usually contained a resistor positioned to slightly heat the thermostat. This had a damping effect on it's reaction to change of temperature, and prevented short cycling.

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