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IneedAHerp asked How to measure humidity properly?

I have one of those little round hygrometers that stick to the tank I don't really trust it so what is a better way of measuring the humidity in my tank. Something like a digital thermometer.

And got the following answer:

Digital method: solid-state sensor As the name implies, the solid-state sensor is electronic. The sensor measures the electrical capacitance of a special material as it changes with the humidity. It has its own processor to interpret the capacitance change and then outputs a humidity value to the chamber controller. It is considered a secondary measurement method because it is based on the observed properties of the sensor material. Solid-state Pluses: No wick to change Can read humidity below freezing and above boiling (although normal chambers can't control at these conditions) Solid-state Minuses: Malfunction (loss of calibration) cannot be detected easily Can be damaged by extreme temperatures Can be damaged (temporary or permanent) by condensation (when operated near 100% RH) Needs regular calibration (every 6 months) Requires specialized equipment for proper calibration and adjustment Accuracy varies depending on temperature Expensive to replace

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