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Da Sahar SToRaY asked How can i know if MPPT is done by inverter or DC-DC Buck converter in solar system?

I have a schematic in which solar panels are connected to inverter and then connected to AC load. Its not connected to grid. I am not sure whether first Maximum power point tracking is done and then fed into the inverter or inverter all alone can do the MPP tracking.? The inverter connected is : Sunny Boy 6000 series: Help appreciated.

And got the following answer:

The Sunny Boy 6000 is a grid-tied inverter - it will not work if it is not tied to the grid. MPPT is a feature inherent in pretty much all modern inverters of reasonable size. There are certain loading conditions which will extract maximum power from the panels. The inverter adjusts its load to achieve that. It's all done inside the inverter.

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