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mich asked Where can I find a replacement 12 V outlet for my 1994 Chevy Corsica?

My brother burnt mine out by trying to run his laptop off an inverter plugged into my cigarette outlet. I can't find a replacement in stores, and there aren't any junkyards in my area. Any ideas? BTW - It's not just a blown fuse Oh, sorry I forgot to mention that the auto part stores in my area don't carry any ones that would be compatible for my car.

And got the following answer:

Before you buy a new one, I would remove the old outlet and have a look at the wire that is going to the back of it. If it didn't blow a 5 or 10 amp fuse, I can't see why it would need replacment.. I guess anything is possible but check it out first. see if you've got 12 volts to the connection. Remember the key might need to be in the accessory position. Hope this helps a bit.. Oh, if not, as stated already most part stores can order it for you or even have one in the HELP section....or electrical area.

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