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A Little Fishy asked What's the difference between fluorescent & led lights for aquariums?

in an aquarium what is the difference between fluorescent & led lights? how do they affect fish & plants differently?

And got the following answer:

In an aquarium, you use 'Flourescent' lights, & if you are intending / expecting to grow plants you put in it as well, then some of the books say that you should Also have a "Grow-Lite" bulb for the plants. ... ( I have never used one myself.) ........ In any aquarium, the lights are NOT meant to be left on all of the time!! .. The flourescent lights have 2 tasks. .. 1/ To "immitate" daylight, when your aquarium is in a place where it recieves little "natural" light. & 2/ To "show your fish off". ... What that means is just to highlight the entire aquarium & fish & plants in it, but in a very "soft light". ....... I have never used "L E D" Lights in an aquarium so I cannot advize you about them. ..... From my own experiences, I have found that "Flourescent Lights" give a soft light, but when I began keeping fish way back in the 1960's, I only used regular light globes, but much smaller size & wattage. ... They gave excellent light too, but had unfortunate side effects. ... They had a nasty habit of exploding, if just a drop of water were splashed up onto the bulb. & Only a very Low wattage bulb could be used, about 25 Watts, I think they were. .... Bulbs of 60 or 75 Watts or over would tend to "cook" the fish. (well,, not really cook them,, but they gave off Too Much light & heat for any fish-tank, & this made the water too warm for 'goldfish' & other cold-water fish to live in. ....... I also remember though, that we used to keep some "Tropical" fish this way, for some time before mum & dad could afford to buy a proper 'heater'. ....... There were some 'losses' of course, but I recall the 'Neon Tetra's' & the 'Angel Fish' were with us for a while. (or they might have been Moorish Idol's? ,, I'm not sure now.) ....... "Hope This Helps, a bit."

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