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Rudy L asked Do i need any kind of resistor/fuse to run 12v LED lights on car battery?

I have made me a green LED light that is submersible that i will use to attract bait for fishing/ outdoor lights for small garden area. There are roughly 120 LEDs on the strip ,and it must be portable so i was planning on using a car battery on a homemade cart I was wondering do i need any kind of fuse/resistor to hook up to the wiring in order to run the lights ? The lights turn on when i plug them to the battery , but just want to be safe and not burn out the lights. lights are volts:12, wattage:24, amperage capacity: 2

And got the following answer:

No, they're already in there. Any additional resistance you put in will only dim the light output, and it would have to dissipate a fair amount of power at 2 amps to do much dimming.

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