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c c asked Appreciate a recommendation for a cordless saw to cut plywood and beadboard.?

1) Has to be cordless 2) Looking for quality over price 3) Any thoughts on kits? 4) Considering these brands now - Makita - DeWalt - Milwaukee - Bosch

And got the following answer:

I own a few tools of each of these brands(corded and cordless) and as far as durability Milwaukee and Bosch tools seem to last longer, but they tend to be heavier also. Makita and Dewalt are lighter and sometimes more user friendly( more comfortable) I would suggest going to your local home center and check them out, see which ones feel good to you. I would definitely recommend buying a kit, if it only comes with 2 batteries, you may want to consider buying a couple more. Many kits come with 5-7 tools, and it's a pain to keep changing batteries when using more than 2 tools Make sure to buy something that is at least 18 volts, anything less just doesn't have the power to cut plywood etc. Some companies have come out with 24 volt kits, but they are very expensive and heavy. You'll be surprised how much use you'll get out of a kit.

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