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hollandm2 asked How do I get more power to the accent lights in my yard?

I am running about 15 8 volt lights on a 50 foot strand of a power cord. The lights are very dim is there any way to get more power to the lights so they will be brighter?

And got the following answer:

Most outdoor accent lighting is made by Malibu or some other Intermatic brand. I too am curious where you got 8 volts from. Lights like that are never wired in series, there is just a 2 conductor cord that you route from the transformer around the area you want to light, and the light fixtures tap into it in parallel. Most Malibu lighting comes with 12 volt, 4 watt bulbs; and 8 and 12 watt bulbs are available as an upgrade. These lights are not designed to provide area light, just light up the pathway or put some light on your plants. James is right, where if you (or the previous owner of your home) bought a kit of those lights, then the included transformer is usually only designed to handle what it came with. So your transformer is probably in the area of 60 watts. If you are looking for something that looks very nice and actually allows you to add more light fixtures than originally intended, look into LED replacements for the bulbs. I buy from a site called (Click LED Bulbs & Products, then click Other LED Products, then click Landscape Bulbs), and they carry direct replacement modules for any Malibu style light (You want the T8M version - its the brightest). The great part about them is they only draw 0.5 watt each instead of 4 watts, so you can technically have 120 LED fixtures on that same 60 watt transformer. The output is also bright white instead of the yellowish color of an incandescent, so the light seems even brighter.

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