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Anne asked How to set up solar power for your home?

I saw an ad to the following items Chicago Electric Power systems 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit 400 Watt/800 Watt power inverter Power Inverters 2000W Cont./4000W Surge What else is needed to get electricity from the solar panels into a home?? How does this work? I get a lot of sun and would be great to lower my HUGE summer electric bill. Lots of Sun = Lots of Heat = A/C all of the time = $$$$.

And got the following answer:

Sounds like the system "Liz" described is kind of cobbled together; you want to install a "listed" solar photovoltaic system, and have it installed in a "Code compliant" manner. Depending on who or where you purchase your system, they will probably offer to install it for you. This is also a good idea, which will include a warranty on the product and the installation. You want the installation to be done correctly; remember, there is no way to turn off a solar collector. Unless covered with a special black-out blanket, the only way to "turn off" a collector panel is to turn it over; a difficult task on a sloping roof. You will want to know what additional dead load this will place on your roof structure and be sure that the roof system will support it. You will need to check with your local building department to see what Code requirements you will have to comply with. If your home has a truss roof, you will probably need to have a structural engineer verify that it will support the added weight, or design modifications to the roof framing that will allow the installation of the SP System. You may also have to contend with Zoning requirements. Although a variance is always possible, it can be a very expensive proposition. Good luck.

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