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Jimbo Loveithary asked How can i add more horsepower to my 2000 nissan maxima?

Im looking to add 100 hp to my car and how can i go about doing this? will new exhaust and air filters help and how about a power module for the cars computer? Please help!!!

And got the following answer:

Stay away from a 12 year old motor if you want to make 40% more power. With out rebuild that motor will last only a few months Rebuild the motor with racing camshafts extrude honed intake manifold and plenum. Oil coolers remote oil filter better lubricants. Eliminating the cat converters Having a Engine control custom made so it can be adjusted with a lap top. Then you have this 350 hp front wheel drive 4 door sedan with a power robbing automatic transmission with open differential. Mash the accelerator and have those soft bushing lower control arms move and torque steer you right off of the road. If you can keep the car pointed then you will accelerate so much faster you will need much bigger brake rotors to stop the 4000lb. plus sedan. You will be fighting everything Maxima soft ride four doors and almost no lateral support from the seats and weight. And reliability of the car won't be the same. I keep saying if you want a fire breathing sports car buy something that has high performance parts readily available and is easy to work on. Don't start with Grandmothers 2000 Maxima use it for work car and to take parts to your Corvette, Mustang or a car that you can buy a crate motor that already has 500 to 700 hp. BURN RUBBER Good Luck

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