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Crystal asked do i need a certain size LED light for an xbox controller?

i want to change the four lights on my xbox controller. i have all the supplies and i know how to do it , but i was wondering if the LED light had to be a certain size? or if any size led works?

And got the following answer:

Xbox 360 controllers and the ring of light take the 0603 smd led. You want an led that will work with lower voltage 1.8v to 2.6v will work the best. This way even if your battery pack is half dead the leds will still be bright. You have to remember that the newer controllers are designed different and supply a different voltage when the battery pack is plugged in. A fully charged battery pack may only supply 2.4V. Take a look at this picture.¤t=DSC02612.jpg Then look at this picture Blue and purple and other colors with a high wavelength usually take a higher minimum voltage. I have modded some controllers that had really dim lights when using a rechargeable battery pack, but as soon as you plug them in they're extremely bright. Just do yourself a favor and buy the right leds. I typically buy leds from, and ebay. Sickmods has some pretty nice led pcb's where you can custom make your own led arrays. Here's some pictures of my latest project. Here's a pic of the shortened led pcb with 9 0603 smd leds mounted in a custom hdd shell. Here's a picture of it lit up And here's a picture of it on the last custom xbox i made. Here a few good tutorials on how to mod the leds for both the ring of light and the controller. Controller: mount led Ring Of Light: Let me know if you have any questions. I've done cosmetic mods on over 50 xbox 360's and fixed over 300 xbox 360's with various problems. You can contact me via my yahoo answers profile.

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