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Vern asked Can a thermostat for your home's temperature be used on a hot water heater?

I need to know if the thermostat that people use to adjust the temperature in their homes, can be hooked into a hot water heater. I'm not interested in the range of operating temperatures, just need to know if it can be hooked up, I want my water heated to a low temperature, like 70-80 degrees.

And got the following answer:

Yes it can be done and has been done in commercial and industrial application where applicable. Its not applicable for the home since the thermostat alone for three system operation. Heat/Cool/Hot water, unless made intigrated like a Rannai system Tankless has their own stat can be mounted upstairs near the shower or in kitchen if you like. They even have waterproof dvd consol to mount in the shower. They have anything you want Rannai system can take over heating and cooling and hot water and inigrate remote control operations with a command centre. We are just now bringing these things to our homes as a luxury. But again not practical to the everyday home owner.. YET! Its coming but not just yet. Conventional uses no electricity so it can be done but you have to have a millivolt thermostat and a remote sensor. Power vent can be done also but they also have to have relay, remote sensor and 24v or 115v line stat. Electric tanks will require a 220v line stat remote operation is how its done in the big places so that's all easy for home application but not practical unless it is a tankless.

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