The Greatest skil cordless drill

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Nick N asked What's a good brand for corded drills?

Looking to spend around $50- interested in a corded drill for around the house projects. I'll spend more if someone can justify it. What brands should I look for. Is there a website with reviews of power tools?

And got the following answer:

I have an old Skil that's still running strong after 35 years. My other one is a newer DeWalt that ran $59 from Amazon. I was buying some other stuff and needed another $50 to get a $50 off rebate. So it really cost me $9. Sweet. It is plenty strong and has a nice, clicking keyless chuck. The Milwaukee is also good. I got one for a son-in-law a few years ago. My cordless ones are Makita and Hitachi and all of them have been fine. To answer your question about reviews, I think Consumer Reports has done some on drills, and most of the woodworking magazines, Popular Woodworking, BH&G Wood, and Fine Woodworking do periodic reviews of drills and often have a year-end special issue on tool reviews. Check your library for these resources.

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