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Jack Stone, Manual of Romance asked What is the most cost-effective place to buy large solar electric panels?

We don't have enough money right now to buy capacity for the whole house, which would probably require about 12 kilowatts. However, I would like to start buying panels toward building up toward that. But I want to buy the most solar panel for the least price. I think that piecing a lot of very small panels together will be a very expensive way to do it. Does anyone know the least expensive way to buy large solar electric panels?

And got the following answer:

Great answers here. Just to summarize, in order of priority: 1) Reduce usage first. For every $1 you spend on conservation, that's about $4 less you need to spend on your solar system. It costs less to use less electricity than to make your own. 2) Research solar hot water. Solar hot water is ~ 85% efficient, as opposed to ~20% for solar electric. You get a better bang for your buck installing solar thermal than solar electric. 3) Install solar electric. Prices for solar panels have dropped dramatically this year as the demand in Europe has dropped and people are having trouble getting home equity loans in the US. You can get better pricing if you buy by the pallet (depending on the panel, 20 - 30 panels). You are right that you don't need to generate all that you use, and if you do steps 1 and 2, you'll be using less anyways.

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