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Michael asked If Obamacare and green energy are healthier and economy boosting, why do Cons want to repeal them?

Everyone wants the economy to improve so why wouldn't you want these? In Mass., under Romney, healthcare created the most jobs of any sector. The minimal extra cost caused a huge boost in revenue and employment. Green energy is a proven method of free fuel and electricity. Just look at your solar powered calculators which work forever and never needs batteries. Now think bigger. Sure the sun goes down, but capacitors and rechargable batteries solve that. On the pacific coast, some of the strongest wind occurs between 2-3am, so wind power is always an option.

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IF these things were so great, why have so many companies that we paid hundreds of millions of dollars to, failed in the last year? Also, sometimes what is most important is not whether something creates more government jobs, but IS IS CONSTITUTIONAL?

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