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Sarah M asked How Do You Hook Up LED Lights Through A Poster?

We're having to do a chemistry project over an element, and since me and my partner are doing krypton we thought it would be cool to hook up white LED lights to spell out Krypton for our title. Only problem is, we have no clue how to do it. Any tips or tricks? We figured foam board would be easiest to use since it's rigid, but other than that we're clueless. Thanks for the help!

And got the following answer:

It is going to be harder than you thought, but not that hard, someone without experience could do this. It's very simple, find led's: look at what current they use (A) find out what voltage they need (B) how many you need (C) the Resistance of them (D). First you find total voltage (C*B) Find LED resistance (D*C) And find the resistor size (((C*B)/A)-(D*C)) Put the batteries in series by hooking up the positive to negative terminals, then placing the resistor next in the circuit, then all of the LED's end to end. Attatch the parts by using a soldering iron if you can, and it is even easier if you use a bread board to hold them in place (super cheap + self explanitory if you see one). If you can't solder, then twist the ends together and wrap with electrical tape. If leads touch that aren't supposed to touch, you can short out the circuit, so be carful. You also need to get battery holders, so you have leads coming from the batteries, you can't work with just the sides of the battery. (NOTE: when checking the current required for the LED's, it might give it in mA, not A. convert to A by dividing by 1000) (ALSO NOTE: you won't find a resistor with the exact same value as your calculations, just pick one that has a little more resistance than what you need.) I know this sounds really complicated, but I strongly advise that you try this and try not to get overwhelmed by all the algebra I threw at you, this is doable, even for someone with no experience. Good Luck.

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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