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Bert asked How can rats get in my attic?

My home is only ten years old and very well built. I checked both the temperature controlled fans which exhaust the attic and their integrity is good. No holes in the side and no attic vents at the end. Mystery to me. Any ideas?

And got the following answer:

the first thing to do is walk around the house and look for places they can get on the roof. check the area around the ac and the electric box. look for places they can get in or behind. look for places they can crawl up. wires. do you have tree overhang? decks? do you realize that rats can run through trees just as fast as a squirrels. if you have ridge vents they can gnaw through the wire especially if its aluminum. they can crawl up bricks, they can jump several feet. most rats get in the attic through the roof. keep looking.

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