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cremedelacreme04 asked What are normally stored in humidors?

And got the following answer:

Humidors are normally a box or a room used as a Cigar storage.They are used to store, preserve and age cigars by maintaining the optimal humidity level at room temperature. A humidor contains a humidification device that either adds or removes humidity inside the box to maintain the optimal level. It is usually wooden with various kinds, shapes, styles and sizes which can be in a in a form of a cabinet or table top box ,end table, drawer, carrying case, display shield amongst others. Humidors are required to have sealed environment to maintain stable humidity and temperature as cigars must be kept in a properly humidified environment. The correct ambience is 70- to 72-percent relative humidity and a temperature of 70°F. Large or rapid fluctuations in either temperature or humidity can swell the bunch and crack the wrapper. Wooden desktop humidors with humidity regulators are usually more than adequate to keep cigars.Larger, standing cabinet humidors may include both temperature and humidity controls, and they have enough shelf space to store cigars in their original wooden boxes.A cigar carrying case (travel humidors) protects your cigars while you are out for the day or evening. Humidors are constructed by either the veneer over fiberboard method or solid wood construction method.♥

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