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gilmet asked Can I use an aquarium light as a single indoor plant grow light?

I'm wondering if I can use the aquarium light from my small fish tank as a temporary grow light for a single plant?

And got the following answer:

1. Incredible Energy & Cost Savings A 90W LED UFO Grow Light produces as much light as a standard 400W HPS (High Pressure Sodium) light. According to the US Dept. of Energy, the average price of power is 10.7 cents per kilowatt-hour. For one year of use (12 hours per day) a 400 W HID light adds $187.46 to your bill while a 90W LED Light adds ONLY $42.18!! That’s nearly 80% less!! 2. Little or NO Heat Produced Unlike traditional lights, LED Grow Lights produce virtually no additional heat. In a side-by-side study, a single-unit LED light had NO significant impact on room temperature after 2 months of continuous use! 3. Eco-Friendly Unlike HPS and MH (Metal Halide) lamps, LED lights do not contain filaments and other toxic metals which are difficult to recycle and harmful to the environment. 4. Last Longer than Standard Lamps An average HID light lasts an estimated 10,000 hours (2.3 years) compared to an LED Light’s extended life of 60,000 hours (11.4 years). 5. No Ballast Needed Unlike other lighting sources that require ballasts that have limited life spans of 3-4 years, LED Grow Lights are fully functioning units that require no additional ballast 6. No Need for Heavy Reflectors Built-in directional adjustments mean no need for costly, hard-to-install parabolic reflectors. The result is a lighter weight, convenient and versatile LED Grow Light. 7. LED Grow Light Outlet EXCLUSIVE While Tri-band spectrum lighting is superior to dual-spectrum, LED Grow Light Outlets offers an amazing 4-Band Spectrum: red-blue-orange-white… ALL IN ONE LIGHT!

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