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soccersdude asked Laptop Power To Go Cordless AC/USB Power Supply?

Can anyone tell me if this product is worth getting as a power source for an Acer Laptop? I'm trying to find a way, other than buying a second battery, to extend the life of my current laptop battery. Right now it only lasts for about two hours. And I was wondering if getting this product would work to give me more time without having to charge my battery. I will be going to college soon, and won't have access to a power supply to charge my battery in the middle of class if it dies on me. Thanks for your help! Here's the link to the page:

And got the following answer:

I'm not to crazy about B&D's specifications page, so I'll point you to another company They do a much better job in providing specifications. For instance B&D doesn't provide the weight of the product. This is the primary drawback. This unit was recently introduced and is intriging because of the buit in solar recharging. Note the unit weighs 16 lbs. Look for features that show useable voltage on the device. I had a product about 10 years ago that was a 12 V battey pack with a handle, charger and battery. I combined it with a 100 W inverter and it worked just fine. Note that there can be efficiency losses going from 12V to 120 and then to a laptop voltage. You may be able to squeeze more operating time by using an iGO power supply from (Available at Radio Shack) and using their dual power laptop brick. One input cord is 12V DC and the other is 120V Vac. Use the 12VDC input and you may get a little more operating time. Biggest issues is weight and ease to carry. B&D doesn't list that. Operating time is a little harder to judge. You can use the AMP hour capacity of the battery pack as a comparison indicator. Be sure you have more than enough capacity. A laptop is usually somewhere between 60-100 Watts.

There was an error connecting to the Amazon web service, or no results were found for your query.

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