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voss001 asked What is the brightest bulb I can get for a 4" recessed can which doesn't exceed 50 watts?

I am trying to find a bulb, preferably dimmable, 50 watts or less to use in 4" recessed ceiling fixtures. I would like to find something that exceeds 1000 Lumens and is dimmable. To clarify, I've not found a single dimmable CFL that works nor an LED that puts out this much light, so please answer only if you have specific brand/model information. Also, dimmables must NOT buzz!

And got the following answer:

You won't find anything over around 800 lumens for a can that small (and that would be a $30 15 watt dimmable LED.) Even if you converted it (with a transformer) to 12V low voltage to use a 50MR16 it would only be 800 lumens. These halogen types of lamps are most commonly used for window and product displays and are unsuitable (due to glare) for general illumination. The higher output dimmable LED lamps are all PAR38, too big for a 4" fixture. As a trained lighting consultant and designer, I have to question why you would be trying to get 1000 lumens from such a small recessed fixture. It will create hot spots, both visually and thermally. Too much focused light is worse than too little and can make tasks difficult and cause glare that interferes with safe ambient lighting I suggest you simply increase the number of fixtures and space them closer together. If you are just trying to wring more lighting level from an existing installation, use ER50 incandescents. Lumen level isn't everything -- the reflector design has a lot to do with achieving an overall even level of lighting. The ER's sit lower in the fixture and provide more even reflective spread -- once it overlaps with adjacent fixtures you will have a better overall illuminance.

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