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Ramesh asked What is minimum voltage to charge a battery of an inverter?

I am from a place where voltage fluctuation (mostly voltage drops) is so severe. Hence my computers restart several times in a day. I am planning to buy a inverter (1400 VA Inverter & two 200 ah tubular batteries). What is the minimum voltage to charge the battery of an inverter? I have one UPS (has double batteries inside) which works very good in low voltage. Similarly I want to buy a inverter which does not beep when there is a low ac voltage? Our country uses 220-240V AC supply. What should I know to buy a inverter which can work/charge in a very low voltage current? Our AC voltage decreases below 220V in evening (6pm - 8pm) daily. So my UPS also does not charge because of low ac voltage and I can't run my computers. or what type of device do i need so that my computers run smoothly and also give backup for sometime on power outage because low voltage and power outage in our area is frequent. Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks.

And got the following answer:

You need an AVR, or a UPS/Inverter with AVR, or to read the specs of the particular inverter to see what its capability is.

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