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samuel asked What is the power consumption by these devices?

I need to know typical values of power consumptions for these household equipments. I am giving my guessed values for some cases; please correct if I am wrong. ceiling fans(100watt),refrigerator(1500watt),1.5Ton split AC(no idea), LCD TV(150watt),iron(1500watt),washing machine(1000watt),DVD player(200watt),computer(100watt),laser printer(1000watt),home inverter/ups(no idea),mixer/grinder machine for kitchen(no idea). Actually need to apply for fresh power connection to my house and I need to provide some probable value of power consumption. Another doubt: what is the difference betwee single and three phase power supply? which one is better? Does power consumption depend on this factor?

And got the following answer:

Sorry but you are way out on several. Ceiling fans can take a surprising amount of power on full load - 350W Fridges would not be economically viable if they were 1500W, that would cost £3-4 a day to run! They only take 400W with the compressor running and of course this is only part of the time. AC can take huge amounts of power or virtually nothing dependant on type. The smallest are like a fridge so about 400W with the biggest needing direct wiring and about 6kW. LCD TV can be almost unbeliveably frugal on power. The lowest I have seen is 73W for a 24" they usually have a sticker on the back with voltage and current. Irons are highly variable dependant on type - some cheap ones are only 750W but some professional ones are closer to 2500W so 1500 is a decent average. Washing machines are wildly variable depending how you run them. EG if you run them off cold water only then 3000W is closer to the mark as they heat the water. If you run them off hot and cold then the spin motor in a well balanced maching can be as little as 400W. DVD player - if it does not have a screen then 25W would be the maximum for a cheap one and an "energy star" compliant one may be as little as 5W. Computers vary wildly. A laptop would be around the 100W mark for a fast one. For a desk top the processor alone can be 175W so 1000W for a top end desk top is about right. Laser printers need power for the fuser (the bit that melts the toner into the paper) but these are usually 500W maximum and do not run continuously so 350W while actively pronting would be about right. The invertor will usually be about 10% of the level of consumption of whatever it is connected to. So if a desktop then up to 100W when not charging the batteries. The mixer grinder should have a label on it (VxA=Power). Remember a lot of the equipment power labels have surge power listed on the label as this is the maximum they draw when first switched on. The fuse rating is not usefull as the fuse is there to stop an electrical fire and nothing else. As for single or 3 phase I would only reccomend 3 phase to someone who was an expert as you can make some mistakes with serious consequences quite easily with 3 phase in a domestic environment.

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