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algviper asked Homemade Hot Tub Heater Elemenet Question?

So i have been thinking of building a small two person hot tub and have some questions about the heating element. my plan was to make almost the same thing that hot tubs use sort of an in-line heater. the plan was to get a water heater element thread it into a pipe and use a pump to circulate water from the tub passed the element. also an arduino micro controller would be used for temperature control. So, what does everyone think, am i missing something huge or is there a possibility of being electrocuted?

And got the following answer:

=== you are correct in your thinking and it is not recommended to use a homemade electric water heater element === I would not do that === if you do this,,,,, the application of a very good electric breaker is to be used and do not get in that tub to test the homemade heater === a multimeter and water test is necessary === just be safe and buy the proper heater system for your hot tub & spa .. you can shop for a used unit and look on craigslist and advertise for a used unit --- all the headache you will go through to make the heater is just not worth the trouble and a manufactured unit is a much smarter option ... shop and look for what is available e-bay and other sources ......

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