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Slugg asked I need help in selecting a hand drill?

After many months of procrastination, I've finally decided that I am going to get me a hand drill for minor repairs around the house. now I am not a handyman and have no plans for any major renovation. The only upcoming project is drilling my house numbers into a concrete wall. Could someone give me advise on what features / spec do I need to look for when trying to buy one? Cost is a concern and I do not need a top-of-the-line model with tons of feature I will never use.

And got the following answer:

Rigid 18 volt cordless drill first, then a DeWalt 18 volt cordless. If the cordless are out of your desired spending ranges, get the model with the cord for somehwere between $50-$75 range. Cost is a concern. You get what you pay for. Buy junk upfront, and you will be replacing it in a short period of time. Spend the money and buy something that will last. Usually, the lower end models seem to ship with batteries that don't hold a good charge. Once the battery has expired, you may as well just buy a new drill. Rigid or DeWalt — you won't be sorry for th investment. If your going to buy, buy once, not twice or three times.

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