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The Jamester! asked Back up Generators for houses?

I went to Canadian Tire today and they have Champion Brand Power generators for 299.99 on sale from 699.99. They last 12 hours on half load. (15 L of gasoline) 30 L it holds for full tank which is one day. Is There a generator that doesn't run on gas but on a very long powered battery llike on the movie "Blast From The Past" unless they used gas but I doubt it plz help

And got the following answer:

All good answers, except it can be done for $5000. Quality deep cycle batteries cost about $150 each, and can supply over 1000 watts briefly. 20 at 6 volts each will power a 20 kw peak rated inverter, so they can run your central heat pump or your clothes dryer. For the clothes dryer start it on air only and switch quickly to heat. That will reduce the starting surge. You probably can not run both at once, so you need to time share, but with either running you can turn on a bunch of other stuff, but not more than one more heating or cooling device. If the utility is back on in a few minutes, you can stop running down your batteries and start recharging them. For more reserve watts and more watt hours, you need to think 3 or 4 fork lift batteries = expensive and about 1/4 ton each. Possibly Tesla motors will sell you a replacement battery for the Tesla roadster for about $25,000. That will out perform 4 fork lift batteries = 50,000 watt hours, but it weighs almost 1000 pounds. Neil

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