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sassylassy asked What are some easy home improvements that you can do yourself?

My boyfriend and I are renovating our new condo. A couple things we just can't do with out a contractor but we're looking to cut down renovation costs by doing things ourselves (for example: painting). Is it hard to install cabinetry or bathroom fixtures (vanities/sink tops) if you have no handy skills. Any suggestions from anyone experienced in do-it yourself projects would be greatly appreciated.

And got the following answer:

I agree with Corduroy again. Anything that would need "handy skills" would also need TOOLS, which while necessary, can get expensive. When I worked at Home Depot I wouldn't recommend folks do too much to their houses that involve complicated or potentially catastrophic plumbing or electrical issues. Things that most people can do with a little instruction are changing light switches, electrical outlets, and thermostats. Obviously, most of us can paint, though not as fast as professionals. Other projects are: replacing door hardware, cabinet hardware, wallpaper, bathroom accessories, curtains and blinds, closet organizers, and shower heads. You can hang things from flat screens to pictures. Start a tool collection: a good stud finder, vise grip and other pliers, hammer, set of decent screwdrivers, metric and standard allen wrench and Torx (star) sets, small socket set with wrenches, level (not a laser unless you buy a good one), metal putty knife, small pry bar, tape measure, eventually a cordless drill (they have a clutch so you can put screws in without breaking them), and a set of jeweler's screwdrivers (they seem to come in handy for everything from toilet paper holders to eyeglasses). Probably more information than you wanted.

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