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Evilish13 asked How do i hang a hand railing?

So this is the dilema, i have horse hair plaster walls and i have some stairs that need a handrail. What is the best way for me to anchor this railing safely to the wall? Lets already assume i have a stud finer, power drill tool and access to a local home improvement shop.

And got the following answer:

First find the correct height,I think its 30' min to 36' max.Measure up from the bottom tread and the same at the top.Snap a light line using Blue chalk.Then find your studs with your stud finder or tapping,they both work.Buy good strong railing hangers with at least 2' screws.Lay out your brackets evenly and make sure your hitting solid backing so you have to test a few to make sure your on the stud layout.Run the bottom of your rail down far enough so you'll be sure to hit a stud.Sometimes on top that can be a problem so check it out before you start.our studs should be a full 2' in that old of a house so all 3 screws will hit the stud.Don't anchor your railing to just the plaster lath.If your railing does end going int a wall you can use the oval type finish piece there.Screw on all your brackets using your line so their straight then install the rail on top.You may want to drill pilot holes and use a little wax to get the screws into the railing without stripping them depending on te type of wood your using.Good Luck I tore of some old decorative plaster molding on my house and it was full of Horse hair too....

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