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asked How long could i power a 50 watt light with a 110v power inverter using a 12v battery rated at 10AH?

I'm planning on running a medium sized fluorescent tube with a 110v power inverter i have. I want to power the inverter with a 12v battery rated at 10 AH. I'm using 50 watts just to be safe but i think the fixture uses less. could you calculate an estimate of how long i could run the light for? thanks in advance 🙂

And got the following answer:

watts = amps times volts 10 amp hours is too small for a car or boat sized lead acid battery. I'm going to assume you mean a 10 amp draw for 20 hours, which is the standard length of time they measure draw on a 12v battery. So that's a 200 amp hour battery. We'll do this in 12 volts first and then talk about the inverter loss You need 50 watts, which we divide by 12 volts to get 4.2 amps to light up the light. This is within the 10 amp hour rating, so we expect our full 200 total amp hours. Dividing 200 by 4.2 we could get as much as 47 hours from the battery according to that math. But we know the battery will lose voltage as it is discharged, so lets assume we run out of enough voltage at 35 hours. Then apply an 80% efficiency rating for your inverter. If its higher than that, just adjust it here. 35 * .8 = 28 So, depending on how far you get with the battery before the voltage drops below what the light requires, you could get 28 or more hours on that battery, if my assumption is correct about it's size.

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