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DB asked Looking for a good website on construction tools.?

I'm interested in going into a trade and I am used to using tools in general but I have no clue where to find info on proper safety and there names. When I search online, all I comme up with are website and software devolopment tools. Any sugestions? By the way, I tried using keywords like workshop, construction, hammer etc. Didn't work since they are all software related too. I'm not looking for a place that sells tools. I need a GUIDE on tools.

And got the following answer:

Check Hilti for drills, stiletto for hammers most everything else is just throw away tools you can pick up anywhere. Just remember to buy the best and it will break the least ( hard lesson learned) You are looking for a guide about tools? Like what a hammer is etc..? Possibly check building trades code books. I am not sure if they have anything online.

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