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Marc asked What is a good brand cordless circular saw?

Looking to get a cordless circular saw, but not sure what to go for. I currently pretty much have always gone with Dewalt. I have a 4 tool combo kit of impact, drill, sawz all and flashlight. What should I go for? Dewalt brand 6 1/2 inch cordless circular saw or is there something better out there? On a side note, does battery voltage matter on this stuff? I have 18 volt batteries but I see some stuff comes with 20 volt. I can probably use anything up to 20 volt on the saw? Just don't want to buy a saw without battery and be screwed when my batteries don't work with it or something crazy. I've got 18 volt Ni-Cd rechargeable. So gonna have to see what those work with in terms of just buying a saw. Not gonna pay extra for the battery and charger when I already have some.

And got the following answer:

since you already have dewalt tools, id go with the dewalt just because you then have multiple batteries. just make sure you have a double charger and a single if your planning to use it commercially. the batteries on all cordless saws run out pretty quick if your cutting or ripping 2x. depending on the amount of cuts, ill use a cordless saw to sheet a roof because of the weight and the fact that they cut real well in osb. its convenient without having to drag a cord around. we actually carry 3 dewalt and 1 craftsman circular saw cordless, then 2 skill saws and a makita 1 of them worm drive., 2 sawzalls, etc just a small general construction and roofing outfit.

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