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radrad asked are led grow lights efficient and effective?

should not led grow lights that are only emitting light in the spectrum the plants use -- since led lights are 3-5 x more efficient than incandescent and high pressure sodien and metal hydride, shouldn't the leds that are not even putting out light in useless parts of the spectrum be 10x or better for grwoing plants?

And got the following answer:

Not yet anyways. LED lights are the future of indoor gardening they just aren't there yet. HID lighting (metal halides and high pressure sodium) per buck can give you a better finished plant. At the moment you have so many options bulb wise for HID lighting that you are better off just sticking with that until LED lighting can reach a spot where price meets quality. a good example I like giving customers is this: my company took a 400W LED light set up and put it head to head against our 400W 4Ft long, 8 Bulb Wide, fluorescents fixture (a Tek Light brand, to be specific) and the results were cut and dry. We got a much better plant out of the fluorescents. Right now LED lighting is just hype. In a few years it might be worth checking out.

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