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Gaia asked All my fish are hyperventilating and dying!!!?

I have a 10 gallon tank with some shrimp, fiddler crabs, plecostomus, little neon tetras, black molly and some bottom-feeders. EVERYTHING is dying, including the plants. The tank is a few weeks old and the water is clean. The fish were fine up until now, so this is not a water-change shock issue. I have a filter, LED lights and the tank temperature is 72 degrees. Basically, the crabs flipped upside down and twitched for an entire night, and were dead by morning, the neon tetra kept implanting his face into the gravel until it tore its nose up an eventually died, the black molly hyperventilated and sank to the bottom never to awake again. The only fish that are still surviving, do not look well. They are laying on the bottom and their gills are moving rapidly. The shrimp seem to be fine. None have died yet, but they do seem as though they are less active than they were. My mother is mourning the loss of EVERY fish she has quickly grown to love... WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

And got the following answer:

"The tank is a few weeks old and the water is clean" Here in lies your problem. The tank is new, probably not cycled, so waste ammonia from the fish is building up in the water. Most noticeable symptom is gasping as the fish try and rid their systems of ammonia. Next symptom is dropping dead. Emergency treatment is water changes, as I said, your water is NOT clean, it's toxic. Do large part water changes and you may be able to keep the fish alive until the tank cycles. Then read about the nitrogen cycle, so you understand what is going on. Lastly, review your tank stocking. You have added far too many fish, and they aren't compatible with each other, and and some shouldn't even be in a 10 gal (plecostomus for starters). The overcrowding simply makes the cycle / ammonia issues worse. The crabs are also brackish and semi-terrestrial, they weren't going to live long in that tank setup anyway. Anyway, that is your issues. IT's 100% classic new tank syndrome. But at least knowing that there is things you can do - change more water, and rehome some of the fish. Ian

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