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Roderick C asked Is there a difference between an LED TV and an LCD TV?

I looked up the terms LED and LCD. All I know is that the term LCD (liquid crystal display) pertains to the flat panel display. The letters LED basically just mean light-emitting diode. This term pertains to the backlit part of a display. LEDs are found in calculators, watches, microwave ovens, alarm clocks as well as large billboards, store signs and destination signs on buses and trains. So, is there any particular difference between the two televisions?

And got the following answer:

A cheap LCD television uses a white fluorescent light behind the panel to create light. But this gives a poor-quality picture because LCD panels can only produce a grey to block the light. Darker blacks mean higher contrast mean better picture. So they take an array of LED lights either behind the panel or along the sides (with fiber optics to pipe the light to the middle) and put electronics to dim the LED lights behind dark areas of the scene. So a "LED Television is a LCD panel with LED back-lighting and regional dimming". When done well - the better LCD/LED televisions can rival the picture quality of a Plasma display. Hope this explains things.

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