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Terrance asked what's the best way to install led strip lighting outside a 2004 durango?

I'm trying to install some led strip lighting on a 2004 Durango but I don't know where to splice it. I tried the headlight harness but the wires are so tightly wound up together that I can't get splicer connector inside.Is there anywhere else I can splice it where so they come on when I turn on headlight/running lights? Any help is greatly appreciated.

And got the following answer:

come off the parking light relay on it that will make them work and it will be lot safer to wire them like this,you,ll need more wire though but that will keep them on a fused circuit,you could also wire them separately to a lighted switch that is powered off the the power junction box under the hood,just make sure you use an in line fuse with them,those are low voltage lights anyway so a 5 amp fuse will work fine with them,my nephew has them on his neon and we came off the relay under the hood for his,they work great wired like that,its much safer to,its easier of you can get a bare spot though to wire them in on the closest wire you can find on the park light circuit,good luck.

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