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Nathan asked My goldfish seem to like low lighting?

I have four goldfish and they seem to like it much more when I turn the lights off. I have very bright led's so could it be too bright for them?

And got the following answer:

If you watch goldfish in a large pond they will tend to hang our in the more shaded areas. Harder for predators to see them. Same in a tank, goldfish don't need the tank lights at all, and would be quite happy without them. They are there for your benefit, so you can see the fish better. It may be possible to train the fish to not be scared of the lights. Do this with food. Each time you turn the lights on, drop in a bit of food. Eventually the fish will associate the lights coming on with food appearing, and will therefore be pleased see the lights come on, and come to the top of the tank looking for it. Ian

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